Thank you for your interest in infusing your organization or event with GAME CHANGING presentations and invaluable tips on hiring right the first time around.

Suzanne Kelly

Suzanne is a dynamic speaker who is changing the game in high stakes hiring. With her unique method of unbiased referencing and over two decades of expertise in hiring, she debunks the biggest myths around reference checking and shares valuable tips on how to eradicate hiring mistakes and improve productivity, retention, and profitability.

Suzanne engages all groups with entertaining insights, captivating stories, and useful tips for both companies and candidates alike. Having worked with some of the top companies in the world, Suzanne is on a mission to eradicate hiring mistakes.

Topics Include:

  • From Broken to Smokin’: A Case for a Revolution in Hiring
  • The Game Changer in High Stakes Hiring: Unbiased Referencing
  • Powerful Leadership Wins Hearts and Minds of Employees…Gains Customers
  • The Silent Killer: Unhealthy Reference Checking Practices – 3 Steps to Increased Productivity, Retention and Profitability