Our method is designed to verify a candidate’s competencies, credentials and whether they are a match for the position, the company and its culture. We begin with our client. What is the company’s vision? What is the culture? What is expected from this person? Then we turn our focus to the candidate, and we apply ourselves in three ways:

The success rate of a new hire or acquisition hinges upon clarity, objectivity, and the removal of bias.

Our proprietary method removes blind spots and allows clients to hire with eyes wide open.

When you get to the right sources, approach them in the right way, and ask the right questions, blinders are removed, and the pieces of the puzzle come together. While creating exponential value and growth opportunities for our clients and their stakeholders, we are changing the game in high stakes hiring.

Where the stakes are highest, a wrong hire
can cost hundreds of millions of dollars

“Opportunity loss is the carbon monoxide of a hiring mistake – the silent killer and deadly to businesses.”

Suzanne Kelly

Top 3 Reasons CEOs Fail in Private Equity:

  1. Inability to build the right team fast enough, costing their PE sponsor hundreds of millions in lost opportunities and mistakes. Hiring poorly or not removing underperformers quickly enough.
  2. They struggle to set clear priorities that reflect the investors’ deal thesis, leading to confusion and wasted efforts.
  3. They are underprepared for the high expectations PE investors have with respect to understanding the business financials. Some lack the financial acumen required.

According to ghSMART, most PE investors wait two years too long to upgrade a CEO, therefore they (and their investors) are paying the price twice: their public image is poor no matter what and they lose a key opportunity for maximizing returns.

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Break through the bias and hire with your eyes wide open