High Stakes Referencing: THE GAME CHANGER IN HIRING

We have turned our attention to a question facing every new high stakes hire:

How Can you Trust A Candidate is Who They Say They Are?

It only takes one wrong hire to break a culture, a bottom line, and oftentimes a company or investment. Candidates need to possess qualities that are almost impossible to validate during the interview process.

You need to fill a position in your C-Suite. The stakes are high and so are the risks. Even more so if you are a private equity firm hiring dozens of CEOs and other members of the C-Suite each year. Without necessarily trying to deceive you, a candidate can be misrepresenting themselves. Their self-chosen references are equally biased, and so is the hiring process.

THE CHALLENGE: Where the stakes are highest, a wrong hire
can cost hundreds of millions of dollars


Think about a new CEO, as an example. The right one is focused on high growth. The wrong one averages hundreds of millions in lost opportunities and mistakes. They need to possess qualities that are impossible to know without unbiased referencing.

  • Can they build a team, quickly and effectively, saving time and investor’s money?
  • Are they able to recognize and remove underperformers from the team?
  • Can they set clear and correct priorities that reflect the investor’s deal thesis?
  • Do they have the resilience and confidence it takes to handle the high expectations of a private equity firm?
  • Do they have the financial acumen needed?
  • What are their values, their personality traits, and the behavior they display in the work environment? What kind of person or leader are they?


We begin with our client. What is the company’s vision? What is the culture? What is expected from this person? Then we turn our focus to the candidate, and we apply ourselves in three ways.

Our method is designed to verify a candidate’s competencies, credentials and whether they are a match for the position, the company and its culture.


  • We validate A-players and screen out B- and C-players
  • We align your business vision with unbiased referencing
  • We help you maintain and improve company culture
  • Higher retention of high-stakes employees
  • Improved engagement and morale
  • Insights that provide perception beyond ordinary sight
  • Greater productivity, improved sales and profitability
  • Reduced disruption, hard costs, and opportunity loss

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