Suzanne Kelly is a woman on a mission to eradicate hiring mistakes.


When companies experience trauma from toxic mis-hires, the ripple effect can be catastrophic.

She is leading the charge toward eradicating hiring mistakes, an epidemic that ripples through corporate America silently killing profits. Once clients are equipped with a newfound awareness and a blueprint for optimal hiring, their bottom line is destined to soar to new heights.

Suzanne is a Chief Talent Advisor who works with leaders, management teams and entrepreneurs to help them create positive permanent shifts in their mindset over talent acquisition. With over two decades helping companies thrive, Suzanne Kelly drives her clients far away from a mediocre hiring process.

She is the proud recipient of a Doctorate from the University of Hard Knocks, and in the hierarchy of talented colleagues, she has been told by clients that her experience explodes by comparison. A natural zest for connecting with people is one of Suzanne’s major attributes; she has a fantastic penchant for table tennis; and she bakes a heavenly biscotti that will knock your socks off.

The next time you think of talent acquisition and before you roll your eyes… lean in, and think not due diligence, think Sue Diligence, and watch your profits soar!

I believe reference checking is the broken component of the hiring process and silently killing your business. Whether you are an entrepreneur, executive, or hiring manager, my mission is to show you how to eradicate hiring mistakes, ensuring that your company thrives.